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Reading Glasses? No Way! In 2007 I realized my arms were too short. I could no longer hold things far enough away to see or read them clearly. I finally gave in, went to Walmart, and purchased a pair of discount reading glasses. I couldn’t tell men’s reading glasses from women’s reading glasses , from designer reading glasses and frankly, I didn’t care. I just needed to see what I was doing within three feet of my face. Once I experimented and found a reading glasses strength that was comfortable for me, they did help immensely.


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The Challenges of “Readers”. I immediately identified some issues with readers that irritated me to no end. They slid down my nose. They were heavy and uncomfortable, especially over time when used as computer glasses . When I was working on something with my hands and looking down, they always seemed to fall off at the most crucial moments, leaving me to choose between letting go of what I was working on, or letting them fall off and not being able to see what I was working on. Readers with larger lenses and/or big clunky frames had to be taken on and off or worn on the end of my nose to do more than one thing at a time, and I am always doing more than one thing at a time. I was constantly bending them back to their original shape. I would go out to eat in jeans and a tee shirt and have no place to carry them, so I’d put them in my front pants pocket. When I pulled them out to read a menu they were bent into the shape of a pretzel.


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Reading Glasses as a Business? At the same time I was looking for a business opportunity. I loved where I was working. It was a very stable, secure, family run business. However, having been there since 1992 I realized unless the family decided to adopt me, I was going to have a ceiling. I thought I would start a small business on the side and get the best of both worlds. I looked at many different styles of reading glasses, took a little from here, and a little from there, and designed the “Ultimate Reading Glasses”. I wanted quality reading glasses, at a discount reading glasses price. Rimless reading glasses​ that I could easily see over to multitask. Sleek, stylish reading glasses that were comparable to designer readers that were also compact reading glasses (as BMW says, “form follows function”). Glasses for computer use, reading and working with my hands. Reading glasses frames that didn’t get bent out of shape every time I put them in my front pants pocket.




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Discount Readers ​ Don’t Have to Be Cheap Reading Glasses. Not knowing what I was doing, I went directly to manufacturers I found in a Google search, bypassing the traditional distribution and wholesale chains. While this was initially difficult, it resulted in a business model that allowed me to provide functional, discount reading glasses that I could ship for free (US/two or more pairs), and provide the best service possible. My warranty is “Satisfaction, Period”. If you have any issue that I cannot resolve in a timely manner I will send you a replacement pair at no charge, and no shipping. That is my promise to you…


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